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Offsetting the parameter through the real device.

Simulating the curvature and shape of the device.

3D Curved Full Coverage

Screen Protector

Nowadays most of the mobile devices are

designed with curved screen in order to provide the maximum vision of entertainment to the user.  Due to this feature, it brings another challenges to the screen protection aspect. Some of the screen protector maybe designed to not covering the curved area and some of them may cover the curved area but only putting the glue at the edge which is easily to have bubble on the screen and also affecting the sensitivity of using your mobiles.

"Solution comes with problem"

We believe that it always has a way for the problem, especially when the technology improves days by days. We simulate the exact shape and curvature of the device screen and based on the several testing and adjustment on the real device. Our products are perfectly is a solution for the user in term of sensitivity, oleophobic coating, clarity and durability.

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Space reserved_v2.png

Perfect fit for most Protective Case

Not only getting the parameter from the device, also we do research and gather the parameter from the protective case in the market. We find out the most friendly dimension which can apply our products without conflicts of using other products in the market.

Compatible with other accessories.

Analyze the dimension of the device and other accessories like protective case.

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